Tips and Tricks for a Slimmer Nose

Need some nose slimming tricks that don’t require plastic surgery? We’ve got you covered!

Use Shadows and Highlights

Never underestimate the power of makeup! There are ways to use makeup like bronzer, powder, concealer, and highlighter to give the appearance of a smaller nose. The Internet is full of videos devoted to this topic, so if you need any visual aids, take a look at some to get a better idea of how to do this. The main idea with using makeup to change the look of your facial features is to make good use of light and shadow. Just think of yourself as an artist and you’ll get the right idea!

Highlighter is a popular makeup item, and adding it to the centre of your nose draws attention to the bridge. This also happens to be the thinnest part of your nose, so you’ll benefit from an overall slimming effect. This technique also downplays the larger tip of your nose, so it’ll look a lot narrower than it actually is.

Focus on Other Areas

If you want to know how to make your nose look smaller, maybe take your focus off of your nose and pay attention to another feature. The eyes are a fantastic focal point, and makeup can elevate any look. Try emphasizing your eyes with a sexy cat eye, alluring smokey eye or some beautiful lash extensions. Liner, shadow, and a bit of pizzazz tells people to look you in the eyes instead of glancing at your nose. You might also try giving your lips some flair to distract from the centre of your face. A bright lip colour will make you look radiant and add an air of sophistication.

Move away from your face and consider using your hair to draw some attention. There are so many ways to play with hair that the possibilities truly are endless. You can try a dynamic hair colour or some highlights to pull attention away from your nose. A cute haircut can also downplay your nose and accentuate your facial shape. A blowout or some added volume flatters a heart-shaped face, while a square face looks softer with curls or textured ends. Shorter cuts look great on people with round or long faces.

Even the way you part your hair can make a huge difference. Parting it down the middle immediately draws attention to your nose because it’s in the centre of your face. On the other hand, a side part adds a new element and encourages the gaze to move around more instead of focusing on one part of the face. Also avoid a sleek, pulled-back ponytail, as this makes your face the primary focus.

Nose Contouring

Of course, using makeup is the tried and true tactic for altering facial appearance. Professional makeup artists have perfected how to use products to achieve just about any goal, including downplaying a large nose.

One favourite tip is to bring your eyebrows closer together using a brow brush or powder. This makes brows appear closer to the bridge of your nose, creating a slimming look almost instantly.

Another contouring trick you can try involves disguising a bumpy nose with some bronzer and a highlighter. Apply some matte bronzer to the bumpy part of your nose and smooth it in, then use the highlighter on the tip of your nose. Even though you’re applying a darker shade to the bump, the highlighter distracts the eye and draws the gaze to the tip of the nose.

Despite contouring one part of your nose, it’s important that you include all parts in the application process: the bridge, the nostrils, and the tip. This helps everything blend well and your nose won’t look out of place on your face! Two essential products to use include a contour cream and powder. The cream does the bulk of the work, while the powder helps to blend the makeup just right afterward.


Who doesn’t love to add some sparkle to their look? Jewellery, especially earrings, can draw attention to other facial features like your cheekbones. This pulls the viewer’s gaze upward, forcing them to look you in the eyes, above your nose. This should go without saying, but avoid nose piercings, because any kind of ring or stud there will automatically become the focal point. If you want face jewellery, maybe opt for an eyebrow piercing instead. When in doubt, nothing beats a classic pair of earrings, whether they’re studs or chic dangles. A beautiful necklace is another jewellery option that will draw attention away from your nose while making your neck appear long and elegant. A chunky necklace can even make your shoulders and collarbone stand out, giving you an overall slimming effect. If you’re feeling saucy, you can use a pendant necklace to emphasize your chest.

Hats are another accessory choice, as they pull the gaze upward instead of zeroing in on the centre of your face. You might be thinking, “What if I wear glasses? Am I doomed?” No, not at all! It’s all about choosing a strategic pair of glasses, one that won’t make your nose the star of the show. Fortunately, large frames are trendy right now, and they can make any size nose appear smaller.

Look Picture Perfect

Some people hate the way they look in pictures, but it’s all about knowing your angles and what position makes you look your best. Anybody’s nose can look huge if the photo is taken from an awkward angle, so don’t feel like you’re alone. A tiny head tilt towards the back of the room can lessen the appearance of a long bulky nose. Plus, have you ever noticed that celebrities never stand to face the camera straight on? They always position themselves at an angle, and there’s a good reason for that. Standing so that your body is directly facing the camera makes everything look bigger, not just your nose. Shifting your body on a slight diagonal can make a huge difference in making all of your features look smaller.

You can also take a cue from the top models and smile with your eyes. Yes, use your eyes to convey emotion, and you’ll direct a person’s eyes there instead of at your nose. You can do this by squinting your eyes a bit so that they create a sort of half moon shape. Practice in a mirror to feel less awkward doing this, and you’ll be a pro in no time! In fact, all of these tips will require some practice, but they’ll be well worth it!

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